Utility Billing and Customer Service


We are located in the Civic Center in Room 104
Phone:(406)727-7660   Fax: (406)452-8048

After hours emergencies please call (406)727-1325


  • Water (Potable & Raw):  Metered monthly consumption (Residential Low Income Rate available)
  • Fire Hydrant:  Flat monthly fee based on meter size or per lot or parcel
  • Fire Lines:  Commercial flat annual fee based on line size
  • Irrigation:  Metered monthly consumption
  • Sanitary Sewer Residential:  Flat monthly rate based on winter quarter water usage consumption average (December-March meter readings)
  • Sanitary Sewer Commercial:  Based on metered monthly water consumption or winter quarter average available by application
  • Storm Drain:  Flat monthly rate based on square footage of property and land use designation
  • Sanitation:  Flat monthly rate (Residential Senior Citizen Rate available).


Please contact Customer Service at (406) 727-7660 or present to the Civic Center, Room 104, Fiscal Services Department, to obtain an application for utility services from the City of Great Falls.  You must call or come in to establish utility services.


Please contact Customer Service immediately after your closing to arrange for a final meter reading at the service address.  If you are moving to another address in our service area, please make arrangements for utility services at your new address.  It is your responsibility to contact Customer Service to initiate or terminate services and to provide Customer Service with a forwarding address for billing of any final charges on the account. If the utility bill at your previous address has an outstanding balance, and the previous account remains unpaid for 60 days, we will transfer the charges to your new account. If you are moving away from the City, we will send a final bill to your forwarding address.  If left unpaid for 60 days, the outstanding balance will be forwarded to a collection agency for immediate collection action.


The owner of a property may request that the City of Great Falls bill a tenant.  When a request to add or change tenants on a property has been made, the owner of the property will be required to sign a Request to Bill Tenant Form, which is available through Customer Service.  This form states the requirements and policies for a tenant to receive utility services in their name. The owner and both the outgoing and incoming tenants must not have any delinquent charges or any prior unpaid balances for services with the City of Great Falls.  The property owner is ultimately responsible for all utility charges on rental properties, including delinquent amounts and penalties.  The City will furnish copies of all delinquency notices to the owner.  The owner may request termination of utility services to a tenant by signing a Termination Agreement Form, which is available through Customer Service.


Property Managers agree to act on behalf of the owner, but the owner of the property is still ultimately responsible for all charges on the account.  Since the property manager does not occupy or own the premise, the utility stays in the owner's name in care of the property manager.  A copy of the Property Management Agreement between the owner and the property manager is required.  The agreement must specifically reference utility services.


Montana Code Annotated, 7-13-4309, gives the City of Great Falls the right to levy as a tax against the lot or parcel of real estate to which utility services were furnished and for which payment is delinquent.  After required notification, all charges, including penalties, will appear on the tax bill forwarded by Cascade County.  The City may, by suit, also collect past due assessments, interest and penalties as a debt owing the City, in any court of competent jurisdiction, including City Court.


You will receive a City of Great Falls utility bill each month.  Payments are due 15 days from the bill date.  Several options are available to make your monthly payment:
• pay in person at the Civic Center, Room #104
• drop your payment in our 24-hour depository located in the parking lot on the south side of the Civic Center
• mail a check or money order in the self addressed return envelope
• utilize bill pay offered by your bank
• pay by debit or credit card online (Visa, Mastercard or Discover)
• utilize the City's bank drafting program
*Coming soon--Recurring automatic monthly payments by credit card

Please make checks payable to the City of Great Falls.  Include the statement stub with your payment and write your account number on your check.  If you are making payments on more than one account, please indicate the amount you wish to be credited to each account so that payments are posted correctly.  A $30 non-refundable fee will be charged on all returned checks.  If you choose to pay online, you can access the online payment system by going to E-Suite Utilities.  Customers can log in using their name exactly how it appears on their bill and their full utility account number.  If you need assistance logging into your account, please contact Customer Service.


Bank drafting debits your checking or savings account each month through a reliable and secure service.  To initiate this option, a signed Bank Drafting Authorization Form and a voided check are required.  (The form is available in the Supporting Documents below.) Your bank account will be debited for the amount due on your utility bill on the due date.  If you are interested in this program, please contact Customer Service.


You may sign up to receive an "E-Bill Notification" from the City of Great Falls each month when your utility bill is ready.  You have the option to receive this e-mail notification with or without receiving a paper bill.  You also have the option to view and pay your bill online.  Customer Service can assist you with setting up these services.


All utility charges are due and payable 15 days after the bill date.  A penalty of 1.5% per month will be assessed on any charges 60 days past due.  A red tag will be placed on your front door in a final attempt to collect any unpaid balances.  The property is subject to termination of services if left unpaid for 90 days.  If termination of services should occur, all outstanding fees, a reconnection fee and a deposit will be charged and are due in full before services are restored.  If you have any questions about a delinquent account or need to make payment arrangements, please call the Utility Collections Department at (406) 455-8440.  If your account has been turned over to a collection agency for non-payment, you will have to contact the collection agency directly to make payment arrangements.  In order for services to be restored, your balance must be paid in full with the collection agency.  A deposit will be required for any future services with the City.


The City of Great Falls offers an assistance program for those customers who find themselves faced with termination of services for non-payment and have no means to pay.  This program is administered by Opportunities, Inc.  If you need assistance, please contact them directly at (406) 761-0310.  If you would like to make a donation to this program, please direct contributions to Opportunities, Inc., PO Box 2288, Great Falls, MT  59403, and specify that your contribution is for the Utility Share Program.